520 Moto Alliance provides funding for organizations or persons that provide safety, training and services for persons who ride or intend to ride motorcycles to improve their safety on the road. It also funds efforts that preserve and/or promote motorcycle history for the benefit and appreciation of the both the motorcycle community and the general public. Finally, it promotes and supports events that foster community among motorcycle riders.

We achieve this through a number of activities:

  1. Providing funds to persons or organizations that will help them better provide safety information and/or instruction/equipment that will ultimately improve safety for motorcycle riders—funds could be used for scholarships for riders who otherwise would not have had the funds to access safety training, the production of viral videos promoting safe riding, development or increased accessibility of safety training materials, and/or other safety-related projects without funding;
  2. Hosting public events to build community among motorcycle enthusiasts that promote both historical knowledge about motorcycles and that have an associated safety component;
  3. Exposing the general public to motorcycle history and information about historical motorcycle both as an anthropological education and to give a view of engineering/art history;
  4. Provide opportunities for participants to engage in recreational community building to increase safety among riders, and to provide a healthy recreational outlet for at-risk community members.